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I have been using Nutrisystem Silver for 4 months now and have never been happier. I have lost the majority of the weight I set out to lose, and there is so little to do! I eat when I want, and am never hungry. I cook the food I want, and eat what I want from the meal planner. When I got my first shipment I was worried the food would not be good or that I would not be full. All the meals are expertly planned, and there is a lot of room to play. No other diets allow you to eat chocolate of any kind, and this one gives it to you freely!

If you don’t start seeing a drop in weight after another week, my advice is to get in contact with a Nutrisystem counselor and talk it through with them. They have experts in-house that can help you, so DO make use if that service. You’re paying for it as part of the program, after all!

i like this program. for a girl in college it really helps me lose weight. the food is fine for me. i ordered the meals i wanted instead of the favorite meal selection because those foods didn’t look good. it is very easy to understand. people that done under stand it just need to read the book that COMES in the box.

They have a really big menu of options, and when you sign up online you can go through all sorts of choices of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Lots of grains, cereals and oats for breakfast. If you look at the menu it is foods you are familiar with. Same thing with lunch, things like Tex-Mex rice and Spicy Oriental Noodles with vegetables. For dinner offerings include Beef, Beans and Rice with BBQ sauce, pizza, lasagna, chili. All foods you would normally eat.

I remember to exercise, follow the plan and even though I can, I don’t eat out. There is too much of a temptation to cheat if I allow myself the chance. So I enjoy my meals at home and have lost 41 pounds in the last 2 months.

I am so glad I was talked into trying the 7 day program that Nutrisystem offers in the Silver plan. I am 68 years old and very set in my ways, so it was a little bit of an adjustment at first allowing someone else to plan my meals. I got my meal plans, menu and all the help I can use online. The daily logs help to keep me in the right direction so that I don’t forget to do certain things like *exercise*.

I just started Nutrisystem on sunday 4/6. I can say I love it.. and I’m being so good on this plan because its so easy.. I’m on the Diabetic Plan. my question is and I hope you can advise me whether to continue or not give up. In the 4 days I’ve been on the plan I’ve gained 7 pounds. not to mention this is very depressing.. now i do have to say before on this plan I was a bagel monger.. at least twice a day.. apple pies.. chips.. oh and chocolate in all shapes and sizes.. but I’m quite proud of myself that i’ve been following Nutrisystem by the book.. Please let me know whyyyyyyyyy I gained?

I’ve just completed my first month and starting on my second delivery of food today. So far I lost 16 pounds with the first 6 disappearing in the first week. I’m really stoked to continue with this program cause its totaly working for me. I really agree with what Dolly said about the hassle being taken out of the diet is what makes it so doable for me too. The food is pretty Ok I guess. Nothing to get excited about but its all been perfectly OK to eat so far and I haven’t had any meal I really hated. I guess its personal taste and maybe its not for everyone but its just fine for me. here’s looking forward to losing the next 16!

The Nutrisystem Plan for women gives you a great way to lose weight and transform your body! It includes a meal plan that allows you to choose from many great-tasting prepackaged meals and desserts online 24 hours a day.

With Nutrisystem, there will be a small amount of additional grocery shopping that you will have to do every month, as you will want to mix fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet as well. I found that I was able to keep costs down by buying bagged salads, and that sort of thing. They provide a grocery guide, though, so don’t worry too much about that particular component of the diet.

While there are some people who are going to complain about the Nutrisystem diet program, their results speak for themselves – if you follow the plan, you will lose weight with their easy-to-follow and effective system.

The only thing I liked about it was that it made me realize what a TINY AMOUNT of food a portion size really is. It’s shockingly small. Which seems crappy because you’re paying through the nose for it and they’re giving you so little.

The price of the prepackaged diet meals of this dietary program is expensive. As of now, the standard price of the prepackaged meals from Nutrisystem is already $350. The prepackaged diet meals that are covered by this price are already good for 28 days. However, the members of this dietary program will be required also to purchase a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that will support the effects of the prepackage meals that Nutrisystem will provide to them. That’s why it will become more expensive.

I really like how easy it is to eat the right amount of food because it is all measured out for me. The Basic plan really makes it easy to keep track of my exercise and water consumption because I just enter it all in on the computer. I like being able to see what I’ve accomplished to reach my weight loss goals.

I’ve now been on Nutrisystem for three months and I have lost 28 pounds! I am so excited! I feel like a new person and I get compliments on how I look all of the time. I get all of my meals prepared for me, planned for me, and best of all, they taste great. But the greatest thing about the Nutrisystem plan is that I don’t have to count points anymore! You have no idea how much easier it is to lose weight when you aren’t stressing about how many points you are eating. Nutrisystem has that all figured out for you. I also love that I don’t have to go to meetings. Nutrisystem is giving me time back because everything is completely planned out. Good-bye Weight Watchers!  Hello Nutrisystem!

I have been doing Weight Watchers for years with my friend. As she says, once all of your points are gone on Weight Watchers, you get to eat your spit for dinner! Well, my friend got really sick of doing the point thing, so she switched to Nutrisystem. My friend lost four pounds the first week and three pounds the second week on Nutrisystem. Once I heard about her success, I decided to switch, too.

The diet is reduced calories, and clinical trials undertaken by Nutrisystem have shown significant weight loss. On of the more recent studies of Lean 13 show an average 11.63 lb weight loss over the first four weeks.

If you have ten pounds or more that you need to lose, they have a ready-made plan for you. If you have less than ten to drop, then you can customize a menu that will still help you meet your goals. Either way, you will be able to find a plan that fits your budget, matches your weight loss goals, and meets your dietary and nutritional needs.

I looked on the Nutrisystem website and there it was: my salvation. I am considered morbidly obese because I weight more than 150 pounds more than I should. I signed up online and ordered the 7 day plan almost a month ago. So far I have lost 22 pounds, and use every tool I have at my disposal. From the planner and daily diary to that nifty little menu for eating out,

The Company offers safe, effective and scientifically-backed weight-loss plans, with a distinguished Science Advisory Board and strong clinical studies. All plans include comprehensive support and counseling options from trained weight-loss coaches, registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators available seven days a week from the Company’s award-winning contact center, as well as free digital apps that complement each plan. For customers transitioning to maintenance there is the Nutrisystem® Success® plan. Nutrisystem also has select products available at retail.

I delayed trying Nutrisystem because everyone here said it tastes so bad. However, so far, I find this to not be the truth. I joined in the 40% off special they were having for at least 2 months auto-ship. Also, if you get this diet you might want to get some non-fat powder milk, Stevia, natural peanut butter, and frozen veggies and fruits (without sugar). Thatis, if you want to not have to keep going to the store. They recommend eating veggies and fruits with their program, plus Nutrisystem’s customer service and counselors are awesome. Apparently this seller is just selling a card, and I don’t know that this is such a bad thing. THE PRODUCTS DO NOT TASTE THAT BAD AT ALL FOR DIET FOOD, AND EVERYTHING IS IMPROVING IN TASTE, OR IS NOT NEAR AS BAD AS REVIEWERS MENTIONED THROUGHOUT THE INTERNET! Also their menu in the Core program offers a customized menu. After your first shipment you know what you like and don’t like, but just stick with the program. I’ve heard and seen one too many people lose weight on this diet. Will try to keep you posted on my results. It’s not just about a diet, it is about livelihood and well-being. If you do not see an update from me in a few months, please remind me, and I will tell you whatever will help or how good it worked.

I am currently on the Nutrisystem Plan. And it works just as advertised! It disgusts me to see all these comments in this report “I’m hungry all the time” or “the food isn’t as good as what I was eating before”. There is only ONE thing worse than a complainer – A FAT COMPLAINER! Of COURSE you are going to be hungry – you are eating less than HALF of what you were eating before. This isn’t easy, it is hard, very hard. If it were easy everyone would be fit and trim. And it is funny that this article boasts that Nutrisystem received 9 complaints one month Hahahaha – 2,500 signed up for the plan that month. So that is less than .5% of FAT people that can’t stick to the plan. Fat people LOVE WalMart, but Walmart only has a 70% approval rating. Our president has a 42% approval rating. Nutri works people. I went from 223lbs to 208 my first month and I had two 4 day vacations where I drank beer and went wild and was off the diet. This next month I know as a matter of fact I’ll be under 200lbs and at 6’2″ that should do it. I can imaging what the rest of these complainer’s life is like if they can’t even stick to a very simple diet.

Snacks – One of the main tenets of the diet plan is consuming small, frequent meals around the day. This is supposed to keep your metabolism charged and firing on all pistons. Between meals, then, you can enjoy an occasional Take your pick from a broad array of snacks, including premade shakes that taste great and include the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Popular snacks include white cheddar popcorn, milk chocolate flavored pretzels, chocolate cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches. Be sure to follow the appropriate schedule, and take care not to accidentally eat too many snacks, or your daily calorie intake may be too high to allow you to lose weight effectively.

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  1. I’ve been on this diet for only 3 days and what I’ve had so far is far from appetizing. I did Weight Watchers before and had much better luck with preparing my own meals and deciding what I wanted to eat each day. The food is just gross. I have called twice now to have the advisors reset my login to get help online and still on day 3 I can’t access the websites member information.
    Anyway, maybe this information will help someone. I know for me my healthy lifestyle fell apart at the grocery store. Nutrisystem takes care of that for you. I go to the grocery store a lot these days but, it’s all small purchases. There’s four grocery stores between work and home so I don’t mind. I don’t buy foods with a shelf life for the most part. I would say that we actually save money on Nutrisystem because during the week we don’t eat out at all and we don’t buy very much from the grocery store. Our monthly expenditure is either cheaper or a wash but, Nutrisystem isn’t costing us anymore than we were spending a month anyway.
    A very informative Grocery Guide that makes it easy to make smart choices while roaming the aisles. In addition to listing the kinds of foods that can safely be included in your meal plan, this guide helps to educate you about what makes some foods healthy and others not so healthy.

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