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I would like to say for the first couple of days I found this a bit difficult but only because it was such a lifestyle change for me. Now I love it. I have lost 7.5 lbs. and I workout a curves 4 times a week. This is so easy now that I know what I’m doing. No longer on blood pressure pills and I have more energy. I feel great. Thank you so much for making my life happier.

Hey Suelesh (I removed your email to preserve your privacy), A lot of the process for losing weight is mental as it is physical and those foods are a big problem for diabetics, but many still crave them. To answer your question, according to Nutrisystem:

On a separate note, we did find numerous complaints about the taste of Nutrisystem meals and foods. This is certainly a big factor to consider because if you can’t handle the taste of these snacks, shakes, and entrees, this diet system will not work for you. After all, you need to eat these prepackaged foods the entire time you follow the Nutrisystem diet.

I understand inclement weather. But the entire nationwide Nutrisystem call center was shut down. One office. Nationwide. I had just received my food. I had many questions. A few days later I get in touch with someone and you would not believe how rude she was to me. Now that I’ve started, I’ve had a time cooking food as it EXPLODES in my clean microwave. I put it in another container and the potatoes EXPLODE again making a worse mess. I wanna know why I’m paying $300+/mo for food in skimpy ass containers and why I’m getting cheaply poorly constructed booklets that fall apart when you turn a page and are so small I can’t read the print!! UNHAPPY!!! I want to continue to do the program, but customer service and quality of products SUCK!!! ☹️

I’ve been on for 5 days, and I’m finding I am also gaining weight. Is this normal? tend to eat healthier than most but needed some improvement. I was surprised to see how much fat there was in some of the foods. I’m wondering if that is it since I’m not used to eating so much fat.

It is unclear how much potassium and vitamins B-12 and D the diet supplies, but the packaged meals, combined with snacks of fresh produce, nonfat dairy and protein sources, make a nutritionally sufficient diet.

I lost over 50lbs on NutriSystem. The food was not horrible at the time, but it is hard to maintain that weight loss once I was off the program (like any diet I guess). I would recommend it for anyone who does not have time to prepare healthy meals for themselves. I tried to restart the program after I gained some weight back though, and I couldnt bring myself to eat the food again. It wasnt bad then, but it does get expensive so I’m trying to go the cheaper route.

NutriSystem is a well-respected weight loss program that has helped many lose weight. Its three tailored women’s programs combine the success of the NutriSystem plans with dietary requirements specific to meeting the weight loss goals of women. Since it does all the cooking, measuring and calorie-counting for you, the NutriSystem weight loss programs do not teach you long-term healthy eating behaviors.

I lost over 100 pounds using Nutrisystem and surprisingly I do not have a lot of hanging extra skin.  My Nutrisystem before and after photo proves that. I attribute that success to my exercise.  I know that the exercise has given me the shape that I have now and the muscles that keep me energetic and healthy. 

As you get older you need to consume even less and also increase your exercise. The food quality varies but I have not had prolems eating anything.It is very convenient. The instruction book -IF YOU READ IT!- provides me with all of the information I need and an exercise video is included.

I have recently finished the NS Jumpstart 5 day weight loss kit at WalMart. The food was good but what is with all the chocolate items, dipped, coated, slathered in sickenly sweet chocolate. Even the free shakes I received were chocolate. I’ve tossed a lot of items because I just cannot eat the chocolate stuff. I’ve emailed NS asking about this obsession with chocolate items and don’t get a response. I’m considering going on the program but even the Vegetarian option has numerous chocolate items.

Nutri-System Inc. was said to be negotiating with potential buyers Thursday as it sought a way out of the financial mess that forced it to abruptly close 280 company-owned diet centers across the country, including about 40 in the greater Los Angeles area. The company was thrown into corporate chaos late Wednesday when its bankers seized the troubled company’s cash and took control of its bank accounts. The company immediately sent its 1,800 employees home indefinitely.

My current plan is to increase movement (with my trusty Fitbit egging me on) and decrease food intake. My husband’s lost about 60 pounds over the last 5 years by cutting out a lot of sugar and drastically reducing his portion size of regular foods. So now I do things like split a beer with him at night, or split a hot dog. It’s slow, but I’m seeing progress.

I am a previous customer and I received an email for a PRESIDENT’S DAY SALE for Uniquely yours for $249/month. I called Nutrisystem on and placed an order for this $249 SALE over the telephone, but I was charged $351.98. Nutrisystem took an extra $100 out of my account…

After using Nutrisystem for 3 months, I got tired of eating the food. Also, because of the food and decreased fat intake, when traveling and eating “real” food in moderation I suffered debilitating gall bladder attacks. I know gall bladder issues can happen whenever a person limits their food and goes “non-fat”, but Nutrisystem is fake processed food……eat whole foods for whole health.

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I’m down 12 lbs in one month! I love having my nightly dessert. I love eating a many times during the day. And for me, my main problem was not calories, but not eating anything until the end of the day. (Figured if I started later in the day I’d eat less overall). And it wasn’t convenient to fix a meal while working. Being task-oriented I’d just keep working and skip breakfast and usually lunch.

You can customize or delay your auto-delivery order at any time by calling 1-888-849-4686 or by visiting nutrisystem.com. You must call to cancel. If you cancel after the 14 day money back guarantee period and prior to paying for your second consecutive 4 week order, your payment method will credit Nutrisystem $125 for the auto-delivery discount received on your first shipment. You can make edits to your auto-delivery order any time before 6 p.m. EST on the day before your next auto-delivery ship date. Your next order ship date can be found by clicking Manage My Next Auto-Delivery Order in your account. To cancel your auto-delivery, please call 1-877-338-8446.

Thank you for taking the time to send in your review. We are so happy to hear about your success on the program. We appreciate the feedback on the NuMi app and love that you found it to be a helpful resource.

So let me explain, with nutrisystem you get three main meals and a dessert a day (breakfast,lunch,dinner,and a dessert) You can get these meals frozen( cost more ) or you can get meals that come in a box and don’t need refrigeration( cost less, but don’t taste as good) I’ve tried both.

Why not? Well, Nutrisystem sends almost all foods directly to your doorstep. You don’t need to do anything to prepare those foods. You don’t have to learn how to shop for healthier foods at the grocery store, nor do you need to learn how to cook healthier at home.

There is even a “free diet analysis” calculator provided on the main website. You just enter your height, weight, gender and email address to get started. It tells you the optimal weight for your age and size.

If you prefer the convenience of prepackaged meals delivered to your door over the freshness and flavor of home-cooked meals, this diet may be for you. Having all of your meals prepared for you makes it easy to eat the right type and amount of food. The challenge is that after you go off the program, you are on your own again. So if you do go on this diet, work with the counselors to develop a plan for how you are going to maintain your weight loss when you are eating and cooking on your own again.

A Chicago investment firm took over management of debt-ridden Nutri-System Inc. on Wednesday after a bankruptcy court judge dismissed a trustee appointed to run the weight-loss company. Heico Acquisitions, a firm that invests in troubled companies, will run Nutri-System Inc. for about a month while deciding whether to buy it, former trustee John T. Carroll said. The move resolves, at least for now, the financial chaos surrounding Blue Bell, Pa.-based Nutri-System.

The Atkins diet has gone through numerous revisions over the years, though there was never any acknowledgement of flaws in any of the diet plans. Until recently, there have not been any studies on the safety or efficacy of the Atkins diet. Short-term studies have shown improvements in blood cholesterol and blood sugar and an increased weight loss over the first three to six months in comparison to control diets. Unfortunately, the weight loss is not sustained at one year, and the improvements that were seen were due to weight loss and not the actual diet. The long-term safety of low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets is unknown at this time. In a 2007 rating of diet books done by Consumer Reports, the Atkins diet was ranked at the bottom.

Starting day 5 on fast five plan. Day 4 was terrible with constant stomach pain, not gas pain. The pain was present most of the day and through the night and I’m still uncomfortable this morning. Did not vary from the plan at all so far. I’m 68, 5′-9″, 171 lbs. Accumulate fat from chest to pelvis, man boobs, muffin top. Pre N.S. diet was fairly healthy, no packaged meals, mostly homemade, just guilty of overeating and eating late. Now I’m concerned about this stomach pain and wondering if I should continue with this diet.

Anyway. I would never go so far as to tell folks not to try any diet, cause what works for some don’t work for others so you are wrong to try and ram your opinions down people’s throats like that. Fair play to the author for even publishing your whiny complaint!

As of late 2015, the company was conducting a trial comparing Nutrisystem’s DASH diet-compliant program to a DIY DASH group. The preliminary results suggest that the Nutrisystem DASH group lost significantly more weight than the DIY group, the company reports.

I’ve just completed my first month and starting on my second delivery of food today. So far I lost 16 pounds with the first 6 disappearing in the first week. I’m really stoked to continue with this program cause its totaly working for me. I really agree with what Dolly said about the hassle being taken out of the diet is what makes it so doable for me too. The food is pretty Ok I guess. Nothing to get excited about but its all been perfectly OK to eat so far and I haven’t had any meal I really hated. I guess its personal taste and maybe its not for everyone but its just fine for me. here’s looking forward to losing the next 16!

Snacks – One of the main tenets of the diet plan is consuming small, frequent meals around the day. This is supposed to keep your metabolism charged and firing on all pistons. Between meals, then, you can enjoy an occasional snack. Take your pick from a broad array of snacks, including premade shakes that taste great and include the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Popular snacks include white cheddar popcorn, milk chocolate flavored pretzels, chocolate cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches. Be sure to follow the appropriate schedule, and take care not to accidentally eat too many snacks, or your daily calorie intake may be too high to allow you to lose weight effectively.

I will say though with my activity level I was very hungry at first until I talked to a NS councelor whom was very professional and helped me to insure I was getting enough callories due to my workouts, He went through every meal of the day with me and told me to include two salads ‘ lunch and dinner’ and a extra ‘ smartcarb’ THIS did the trick and I am no longer starving!

Ok first of all… Come on people with the bad reviews its a DIET… Its not suppose to taste amazing… It does taste fairly good thou. I loved the breakfast and lunch bars so far I was worried it wouldnt fill me but it was ok. I thought I would hate the beans and rice lunch but it was actually pretty good. I had the alfredo noodle dinner tonight and added some seasonings to it to help the taste.. I didnt like it but it was edible… Im alittle worried about the pizza… I think im going to put my pineapple on the pizza and some red onions… and bake it instead for nooking it. Over all Im very happy with this. I love that its a 5 day kit so i can do my diet during the week and just watch what i eat on weekends with my family. 🙂 I really do recommend this!

In December of 2011 I decided to start using Nutrisystem to lose weight.  Up until that point I had been overweight nearly all of my adult life and much of my childhood too.  I was average weight for about a year in my early twenties when I met my husband.  Once we started dating and we were happy, then the weight crept back up and reached its peak almost a year before I began my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem.  At one point I was over 300 pounds.  I did some dieting and exercise and got down to 260 pounds which was my starting weight for Nutrisystem.

Have you ever noticed that when you need to lose weight but have little time to devote to the process, up pops a convenience diet company like Nutrisystem to fulfill your needs? They can help you lose the weight without taking up much of your valuable time.

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  1. Yes, I’m suffering the early-diet gas attacks that seems to be a common factor with Nutrisystem. I did back in the 90s too. I was told back then it was because my body was tuned to metabolize high fat/high carb and that it would go away in a few days as my body adjusted to the diet. She was right, but it was more like two weeks.
    The food was just as tasty as pre-cooked frozen meals you buy in the grocery store. I enjoyed many of the foods that Nutrisystem offers. The desserts and snacks were delicious. The dinners are done very nicely with foods that are very tasteful and full of flavor. The breakfasts were good (I especially liked the pancakes). The lunches were also good.
    I have done Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Atkins and I lost weight initially, but then I gained it all right back. I’ve been on Nutrisystem for three months, and I have not gained back any of the 20 pounds that I’ve lost while the diet plan. 
    One last point: If you do wish to cancel, you MUST do it done by phone (the phone number is clearly printed on the home page of the official website). You cannot cancel via the website. That’s just a heads up!

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