“My grocery list with Nutrisystem nsnation “

I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. The food may be prepackaged but compared to the high sodium meals you get when you eat out or junk you buy in the grocery store, it is healthy! I was on it for 2 weeks and lost 10lbs.

With both Core and Uniquely Yours, you also get unlimited access to Nutrisystem’s expert health and weight loss counselors and dietitians, and the full ability to chose your own meals without paying extra.

Nutrisystem also supplies its members with a member website. The website helps individuals on the plan stay motivated. The website is a place where anyone who is on the plan can go for support. I enjoy logging onto the website and seeing the progress that I have made. I also enjoy reading inspiring stories from others on the Nutrisystem plan that have lost weight.

I used Nutrisystem back in 2010 after I had my first child. I lost 50 lbs in four months and kept the weight off for three years. I just had another baby, and unfortunately gained all the weight back. Now I’m back on nutrisystem, and I lost 7 lbs in the first week. I would recommend this to anyone. Easy to prepare (especially since I’m always on the move), healthy, and never feeling hungry.

NOTE:  This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period.  They kicked off their weight loss “strategies” on Jan 10. ‘So easy, a caveman can do it.’  Not only one of the greatest slogans when the ads first came out a few years ago, but also my new motto on my quest to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks. I don’t want to think.  Many people think I’ve achieved that goal already (long ago).  But when it comes to dieting, I don’t want to guess.

Interestingly, NutriSystem called me yesterday. Apparently my first story caught their attention. Not sure how he got my cell phone number, but NutriSystem representative Curt Bauer simply called to offer any support and to inform us of a slight error in reporting: it doesn’t cost more to select a NutriSystem menu, he informed me.

The secret is reducing the amount of unhealthy ingredients in your foods while increasing the density of their nutrients, claims Nutrisystem. Basically, you are looking for the best foods that you can possibly eat, and Nutrisystem says that they have already done the research for you. When your body takes in food, it is looking for nutrients, not calories. If you find yourself hungry after eating huge meals, it is probably because the foods that you are eating are not very nutrient dense. Nutrisystem has chosen the most nutrient dense foods for you and organized them into a meal plan that responds to your needs. Not only this, but you have the benefit of professional dieticians and health specialists who can help you choose the best foods for your body type, gender and conditioning.

The NutriSystem weight loss programs have helped many individuals who struggle with their weight to lose weight with ease. Whereas many diets may cater more towards women, NutriSystem created three different programs designed just to accommodate the caloric needs of men who want to lose weight.

It is unclear how much potassium and vitamins B-12 and D the diet supplies, but the packaged meals, combined with snacks of fresh produce, nonfat dairy and protein sources, make a nutritionally sufficient diet.

I found the planner and daily diary easy to use, and the online diary and the tracker helps me to keep to my plan. I don’t have to count anything: no points or calories at all, which makes this the easiest diet I have ever been on. I don’t have to get embarrassed by going to meetings, because the meals come straight to my house every month. I love fruit, and the fact I can add it to my meals makes this a great way to get rid of the sugar shakes, where I really want the sugar and have to tell myself no.

my girlfreind was on Nutrisystem for 9 months. it worked great for her and changed her eating habbits. she lost 70lbs and kept off for 2 yrs now. there were weeks were her weight did not change then boom 3 or 4 lbs in a week. i say hang in there and follow program and it will work. i lost 60lbs from working out so you can get it started with nutrisystem, or excercise witch ever works best for you or both. make it a life style change. good luck to all. we made saturdays eat what we want day (once we got down to sizes we wanted),gives us something to look forward to when your dieing for something you like,and we maintaining weight .

I’ve been on NS now for 3 weeks. The food is absolutely TERRIBLE! I had bad gas for the first week. That went away the second week. Now the third week I’ve got bad stomach cramps every time I eat the food that comes in the tins. I think they use Fiber as the filler/thickener for all their foods. When I signed up, there was some small sneaky wording about “auto-renew”, meaning after one month of food, they will automatically ship you another month’s worth. I luckily found this out and had to call to cancel the ‘autorenew’. Unfortunately, they charged me another $57.00 to cancel the autorenew. I would NOT recommend this diet food to anyone. Way too expensive, food is bad, causes bad gas and cramps and too much fine print.

Recommendations apply to adults 19 and older except as noted. Recommended calories are based on a moderate activity level. g.: grams. mg.: milligrams. mcg.: micrograms. Because of rounding, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content may not add up to 100 percent.

The Flex Meals and eating guides are also very helpful when you have those lunches or dinners that you cannot avoid going to. I also must admit that I allow myself one cheat meal a week as well. Maybe if I was really strict, then I would have lost more weight. 11lbs in a month still makes me happy. I still have 30lbs to go to hit my goal weight, but I’m going strong and confident that I can do it because the plan’s flexibility makes is easy to stick to.

If you can stick to the prepackaged meals and add only healthy foods, research to support the program suggests you will lose weight. The meals you’ll eat are good for you, nutrition-wise. It can be harder to make the transition to eating “real food” when you get closer to your weight-loss goal and don’t rely on meals already made for you.

I also love that I can still go out to eat and stay on the plan. The Restaurant Guide keeps me on track for my weight loss goals without having to miss out of the social aspect of going out to eat with my friends. Nutrisystem is my long-term solution for losing weight.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in postmenopausal women. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease include obesity and hypertension, and are associated with increased arterial stiffness.

How did I do it? Well let me admit at the top that I did it without exercise. I am not proud of the fact I really hate exercise. It isn’t the exercise itself that I despise, it’s the breaking away from the crazy, hectic, busyness of my full life and adherence to my never ending to-do list which never leaves space for exercise. UGHH. I know it’s a problem. I will address this in month two as I fear I will plateau without it so I am prepared to tackle this in a big way.

Does it work? While no university studies support the theory that varying caloric intake aids weight loss, the high quality of the food and the relatively large portion sizes have been praised by Health magazine, Dr. Phil and The New York Times. Some plan users have complained of a lack of choices and menu flexibility compared to other plans, but a company spokesman says they offer more than 100 entrees and can make substitutions to accommodate allergies and food preferences.

just started NS yesterday. okay so i’m a newbie, but this is how i look at it. we americans eat on the largest plates, the largest meals and are the largest population EVER! the food is better then the people in haiti are eating (if they are eating) so i can’t even begin to complain about the food. so far the food i’ve had on the plan isn’t all that bad. c’mon people. i need to lose about 30 lbs. i’m thrilled that i just get to grab an item and poof it’s a no brainer way to lose the weight. let’s consider that the food may not be everything that we’ve been used to eating – but then why do we need to lose weight?! Good luck and thank God you get to eat!

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There are prepared for both females and also guys. Reduce weight and also obtain healthy with their very easy to adhere to plans. There are likewise makes for individuals with kind II diabetes and also those who choose even more of a vegan diet. You could pick from favorite menus or customize your very own.

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Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It is made with a unique blend of four clinically-tested ingredients which have been shown to help accelerate metabolism and boost fat loss. There’s no chatter about harmful side effects and the talk online is about people seeing great results.

I had a friend who tried NS for a couple of weeks and while she claimed she stuck to the diet but actually put on a couple of pounds instead of losing. Granted she failed to exercise but she didn’t like the meals either. I can’t afford a weight loss program so I turned to Sparkpeople.com which is free. I’ve lost 30 pounds in 4 mo without the cost. I’m good with that.

Anne – Your comment about finally losing 5 lbs in your third week makes me feel much better! I just ended my first week on NS Lean13 yesterday and have lost no more than 1 lb so far, but I suspect it’s because I quit drinking Pepsi and did juicing for 19 days a month ago, when I lost 5 lbs in the first week. Have 29 more lbs to lose, and I plan on sticking with Nutrisystem for several months. I really like the food, except for the Alfredo entree and possibly all the chocolate bars, but I like that I can choose the foods I want in my 2nd month’s shipment.

Nutrisystem has really helped with portion control. However, the portions seem a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be.  If I stick to their food, I’ll be certain to lose weight! The food tastes really good, but I wish there was more of it. I need to get used to how little I’m able to eat. I’m only a few days into the program, so hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.

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  1. Exercise is essential in all diets, and I do mine every few days. I use the online tools and even talk to other people about my weight loss. There is only so much you want to talk to others about though, that’s why I’m glad there are no meetings or anything like that. This diet lets me eat until I’m full and even have tasty snacks. I will stay on the diet even after I lose my weight because the food (especially the cookies) is so good.
    If you want to add more fruits and vegetables to the foods that are delivered the company just launched the NutriSystem Select program where fresh frozen foods are delivered to your house. This program expands the food choices and also improves the overall health profile of the food. We would observe that going with the Select option is the best one for long term health and long term weight loss success.

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