When you make the decision to start on a weight loss journey by dieting with Medifast, the popular meal replacement, doctor approved home delivery diet program, you quite probably have made the best decision of your life! The posts and pages in this section of the website are here to help you turn a plan into an action plan for a slimmer, fitter and healthier you!

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing way of eating that makes it possible to lose the excess pounds easily and without any hassle.

What’s So Special About Medifast?

It is highly appealing to anyone who leads a particularly busy lifestyle that wants to lose weight but struggles with finding the time to work on a more traditional style of diet. That’s the kind with diet sheets, ingredient chart, calorie calculations, weighing and measuring and all the other hassles that come with that way of dieting.

It is all time consuming and means having to go to the store to buy the food ingredients, then prepare and cook meals that must conform to the strict regimen that your dietitian has prepared for you. Sure, you will lose weight this way, but if you don’t have the time for it all, it won’t do you a whole load of good if you can’t stick to it.

What Makes Medifast Different?

This is a special dieting system that provides all the food you need to eat delivered to your home packaged in individual meal packs to make it simple and straight forward. It’s fast and convenient because all the food prep and calorie calculating has been done for you.

All you do is heat up the meals in a microwave oven and eat. Fast, simple and best of all, it works!

As long as you stick to the program and do not deviate by cheating on high calorie snacks or sodas, you will lose weight. Pure and simple!


“I have been using it for awhile. I have tried every diet on the planet and the only thing that i have done is mess up my metabolism. When I first started – the thing that I noticed was that I was NEVER hungry, in fact, I had to set an alarm to tell me when to take the next supplement. I can never say that about any other diet…..ever! The other thing is that your skin will stay tight and not get droopy. You will have more energy and the pounds will drop off dramatically.”
The Medifast diet program has been around for many decades and has a long track record as being one of the most trusted weight loss systems on the market. The product was only available via physicians at one time, but today you can easily order Medifast online, and over the years it has earned countless positive reviews from happy customers.
A friend of mine started Medifast and I went with them too. The first three days is always the hardest, but once you’re over the hump, you’re fine. Medifast has been great. I lost weight, had improved energy, and I even sleep better at night.
you can gain the weight back but this is true with all diets. Those of us with weight problems will likely struggle for the rest of our lives. Your more or less have to stay on a diet permanently. Losing weight quickly makes you feel good and keeps you motivated. Once you get past the first week you feel great. I eliminated all my stomach problems and was in a great mood most of the time. I didn’t exercise but will try to this time.
I got on Medifast 6 years ago, and it’s a wonderful thing. My husband and I have been on and off it. I teach a lot of classes like aerobics and yoga and one of the girls that come to my class introduced me to it. If I had any questions, I went to her. Anytime I used Medifast, it helped me achieve my weight loss goals. But I’m getting older and something happened in my body this year. My doctor recommended I get off that stuff for a while. It has soy in it and I’ve developed an allergy to it. They think it could be related so I’m going to see if it goes away. There were also a couple of items that I bought which I didn’t like. I sent it back and they returned it. But other than that, it’s a good thing. I changed my automatic ship date to the end of August to see if it goes away if I get off it. But I should cancel it, and then if I can do it again, I’ll rejoin. It’s a good product. If you follow that program, you’ll lose weight. If you want to lose weight fast, it will.
One of my friends who is a doctor encouraged me to consider Medifast a long time ago. Since it had a great reputation, I decided to order from them. Since then, Medifast has helped me reach my weight loss goals. Initially, it was a challenge because I was changing lifestyle patterns. Still, I’ve lost 50 pounds at this point. I need to lose another 15 and I’m finding it a bit harder because I’m not exclusively eating Medifast Food. Overall, using Medifast was a good experience.
33Bitto A, Polito F, Atteritano M, Altavilla D, Mazzaferro S, Marini H, Adamo EB, D’Anna R, Granese R, et al. Genistein aglycone does not affect thyroid function: results from a three-year, randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled trial. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2010
I am considering trying medifast, but have type 2 diabetes. I know they have a plan for type 2 diabetics, but I’d like to hear from anyone with type 2 diabetes who have been on the program. Specifically, I’d like to know what the pros and cons are.
Soy protein is recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as equal in quality to animal. However, unlike many sources of animal protein, soy is low in saturated fat and naturally cholesterol free. 1
†On our 14-day trial kits. Exclusively with enrollment in Medifast Advantage®. Minimum purchase required. Limit one per customer. Not valid with prior purchase or any other promotions or discounts. See details
It is working for me! I have lost 66lbs in 13 weeks! I am so excited. I love the food! I started at 282lbs! I have a whole new life! I never realized what the extra weight was doing to me emotionally. I took a slightly different route. I decided to go through Take Shape For Life. They are a division of Medifast. With them I get a little better deal on my food plus I have a FREE Health Coach! I am in it for a lifestyle change and it is wonderful! I love the Chocolate and Swiss Mocha shakes as well as almost every Bar they have! I never knew ‘good for you’ food could also taste great! Also, I have friends on the program that only had 15 lbs to loose, they went with a maintenance program instead of the 5 & 1.
I’m not a fan of prepackaged food diet food, no matter how much nutrition is said to be packed in there. It is still processed in some manner, and processed foods—especially “diet” processed foods—may contain hidden additives that some nutritionists claim may sabotage weight loss. Just saying.  
It’s typical to follow a very-low-calorie meal plan for 12 to 16 weeks, or until you reach your goal weight. Remember, unless you make permanent diet and lifestyle changes, it’s likely you’ll regain the weight you lost.
According to WebMD, “Daily exercise is encouraged, but the program doesn’t offer a specific workout. Make your workouts half as long and half as intense while your body adjusts to getting fewer calories.”[4]
It’s easy to get started with this weight loss plan. There are many positive Medifast reviews that explain exactly how to begin losing weight with this proven program. Medifast originated in 1980, and has been scientifically studied to accelerate weight loss in all individuals.
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If you’re looking to connect with weight loss coaches and fellow dieters for some moral support, in-person accountability and a sense of community, you’ll be happy to know that there are Medifast locations – dubbed Medifast Weight Loss Centers – in six states:
Long-term population-based studies suggest soy isoflavones may help play a beneficial role in bone health by reducing bone loss in older women. 37,38 Studies among Asian populations found that women who eat the highest amount of soy were approximately one-third less likely to have a fracture when compared to women who eat soy foods infrequently.23,24 At this point, studies suggest a link between soy isoflavones and bone health, but further research is needed before making more definitive conclusions.
A 2015 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine analyzed 45 studies of commercial and proprietary weight-loss programs, including Medifast. At four months, very low-calorie plans, including Medifast, resulted in a 4 percent greater weight loss than counseling. But some of this effect lessened beyond six months when reported, the study found.
The amount of calories, vitamins and carbohydrates are consistent and set by qualified physicians with the intent of safe and medical security in dieting. Most of Medifast’s meals are gluten free as cleared by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization for example, so no worries there.
Each serving provides about 20 percent of the daily value for most vitamins and minerals, so if you eat the five Medifast meals that the Five and One Plan recommends, you will probably meet your needs.
However, I must say commitment, dedication, patience, etc. will all play a key role to your success. Understand, Medifast is not a magic pill or quick fix, you must follow the plan in order for it to work.
I have lost 90 pounds in less than 6 months on the MediFast 5&1 plan. I have been fortunate that my body responded as well as it did to this diet. Although not at my “ideal” weight yet, I am starting Transition & Maintenance so that I can focus on building lean-muscle and not focus on the scale. Many people can do both, personally, I cannot 🙂 But I know the 5&1 Plan works amazingly and will come back to it when I have better muscle-mass and have maintained for a few months. I wish I had known about MediFast YEARS ago… it would have saved me much heartache, pain, and wasted years!
Soybeans are unique because they are the only commonly eaten food that contains a group of compounds called isoflavones (ahy-soh-FLEY-vohnz or ahy-soh-FLA-vonz). Evidence suggests that isoflavones are at the heart of many of the proposed benefits of soy foods.
While on this plan, try to eat mostly lean meats, nonstarchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruits. If you must deviate from this and have a treat, choose options like sugar-free gelatin and pudding, as well as packaged 100-calorie snacks. Save these as an occasional treat so that you don’t compromise your weight loss.
The theory: By faithfully sticking to Medifast-made products and supplementing them with one meat-and-veggies entree each day, you stay full and nourished from lots of protein, fiber and key nutrients while consuming very few calories – typically 800 to 1,000 for adults. That’s just part of the explanation, however.

it works and the food is delicious if you do add little drops of things like, vanilla flavoring, orange flavoring, rum flavoring to the drink mixes. you can also add l tsp. of olive oil to stir fry veggies or l tsp of basil oil or garlic oil to stir fry veggies. i am off half of the ll pills that i used to take. medifast rocks and i have so much energy, it is hard to settle me down for sleep each nite. i am 48 years old and started the program at 205 lbs. now i am down to 195 and my happiness is catching, so i have been told. i am off depression meds too.
It doesn’t perfectly align with the federal government’s guidelines for healthy eating, experts concluded, because it provides a little too much protein and too few carbs. At 800 to 1,000 calories a day, it also dips low for many dieters. That’s less than half the amount recommended in federal guidelines for men from 21 to 40 and nearly that much less for women in that age group. The experts found it “moderately” safe.
Medifast really has designed diet plans for everyone who needs to lose weight, and they even can help those suffering from gout, diabetes, or those with soy and gluten allergies. In addition to that, they have options for teenagers, the elderly, mothers who are nursing, and more.
In addition to the meal replacements, dieters are able to consume 5 – 7 ounces of lean protein each day, 3 servings of vegetables, as well as plan-approved fats. There is even the ability to enjoy snacks, as long as they’re on the approved list. With the convenient Medifast cookbooks, dieters can prepare mouth-watering meals that will make them feel as if they’re on a regular eating plan instead of a weight loss plan. For those who love dessert, this dynamic plans allows many wonderful choices, as long as they are plan-approved. Choose from chocolate brownies, delectable smoothies and more.
The cost of medifast is obscene. They just raised their prices AGAIN to $ 19.50 for a box or 7 servings ( plus overcharged shipping). $ 19.50 for 7 packets of hot chocolate? Their executives have seen obscene salaries and they are exploiting overweight peoples struggles to obtain a healthy weight. When I run through my current supply of medifast I am done forever, you can do more by exercise, eating small healthy snacks and avoiding pop and junk food. They could have had long term success but greed will destroy this company