Welcome to this great healthy website at Living Lean Today (www.livingleantoday.com)! This is my About page where you'll discover something about me and what this site is here for.

First of all, what is this all about? Well, not surprisingly, it's all about sharing my knowledge and expertise in the field of diet, nutrition, health and fitness to help you to regain that slender, healthy and energetic figure you once had. Even if you can't remember a time when you weren't overweight, chances are there was a time even if it was in early childhood.

The point of the site is to re-educate people who have been tricked by the greedy food manufacturers that load the supermarket shelves full of great looking and great tasting but unhealthy foods that are so tempting we can't resist them. But resist them we must!

We need to learn to turn our backs on the junk that is sold in packets, jars, cans and bottles and embrace whole foods that we have to learn to prepare and cook for ourselves if we want to really get slim and live life in a lean, healthy and great looking body!

This website teaches you how to do that and tells you what you can expect to happen to your body when you get it right!