Living Lean Today

There are many good reasons why you have come to this website in search of answers to your questions about how you can lose weight, look slimmer and be healthier while still eating great food and leading a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. Living Lean Today was created to give you answers and show you how you can start and continue on your way to all the things you want for yourself in the health department!

living lean todayLiving in a lean, fit and healthy body is all we really want from a health perspective and perversely enough, that was the way the human body was designed to be! We are not meant to be fat, sluggish, lethargic, unhealthy and forever catching whatever nasty disease is doing the rounds at any given time.

Our natural state is to be healthy, at our correct weight for our height and build and strong enough to do everything we need to do on a physical level while also being able to fend off most invasive viruses and bacteria that can lay us low. So why are so many people completely off course?

The simple answer is lack of the right kind of education when it comes to health, diet and fitness. We're simply not taught all the really important stuff when we're at school. And that's exactly where we should all be taught, from a young age what we should and should not be eating, drinking and doing.

Our education system that seems to be more angled toward getting everyone ready to join the corporate rat-race if we have the brains or if not, to get a job like most regular people have. It touches upon some things like physical education and fitness, but is woefully short on the food and drinks side of the coin.

Learning it Now

Thankfully, the information age is now upon us and thanks to the Internet and the multitude of people with the right knowledge prepared to share it with the world, we can all learn now what we missed out on at school. Yes, we can learn what we really need to be eating and what we really need to be NOT eating (and drinking) and that's a great place to start.

Once we can get our diet in the right place, then we can start looking at what's missing from our physical fitness and what to do in order to put things right. We can also take a look at the mental side of the equation, which is an angle completely missed by many yet it is so important!

Have I peaked your interest now? Enough to want to dive into this site and see what you can find?

I hope so, because that's the general idea!

Eating and Exercise

Before you do dive into the pages on this site, I want to point out that if you're not sure what you should be concentrating on first if you're overweight and you want to be doing something positive about it, start with your diet. The biggest single factor in the vast majority of people getting overweight is they're eating too much of the wrong things.

Learn what's wrong and why it's wrong and you're already on the right road to self-recovery and reducing your size to what it should be.

Hint: Sugar (and sugar substitutes) is your worst enemy ever. Defeat that enemy by denying it access to your body and you will be amazed at what happens!